11 Best Chrome Extensions for YouTubers Should Be Using 2020


This list of best Chrome Extensions for YouTubers will help you with many of the tasks that you regularly do as a content creator and open up to new ideas with your workflow. These extensions for Chrome will help you watch videos, take notes

Okay, as content creators, we need lots and lots of tools and because of that, I’ve put together this list of Chrome extensions that are gonna help you with what it is you do here on YouTube.

And of course, if there’s something that you are using that you think could be on the next list, make sure that you leave it in the comments below.

1. yt-notes

First up is yt-notes. Yt-notes is new and it is awesome because if you’re watching my videos, sometimes you wanna take notes, right?
With yt-notes, it actually allows you to be able to take notes and it even adds the time stamps for you which is pretty cool. Yt-notes are also free so, thumbs up for that.

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secondly, the list is OneTab. OneTab is amazing because if you have a channel to where you’re constantly having to reply to comments with a video link,
this extension lets you store them and organize them in a window to where you can just click a button and it’s gonna show up
then you’re gonna have those links waiting for you instead of having to go and hunt them down all the time.

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3.Tube Buddy


Next up on the list is Tube Buddy. Tube Buddy is the number one browser plugin for YouTube content creators.
It’s gonna help you compare your thumbnails so that you know which thumbnails are working the most for you in terms of getting the most clicks.

It helps you come up with video ideas, it helps you know what tags to use in your videos, it helps you manage your channel and a bunch of other things that you need as a YouTuber.
If you’re not using Tube Buddy, you should.

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4.HYFY Screen Recorder


Next on the list is HYFY Screen Recorder.
This one is awesome because it allows you to record your screen and you can even record your camera while you’re recording your screen as well.
This is great for B roll if you’re doing any type of computer-based tutorials or help content. The only downside is that there is a 10-minute recording length,

so if you’re gonna make a long one, then you’re either gonna have to cut it up into a few 10-minute segments, or you’re gonna have to use something else.

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Agorapulse is next on the list. Agorapulse is my personal social media management tool of choice. And the reason that I use the extension is that I can just click that extension and then it’ll go ahead and open up my panel inside of Agorapulse.

And then I can quickly add any videos or web pages or anything like that that I wanna share. Another really cool thing about Agorapulse is when you are sharing your videos on social media,

it actually gives you the option to just use the thumbnail image itself instead of embedding the video. And the reason that that’s cool is that people have to click on it and come to your YouTube channel in order to actually see that video.

That is gonna help you start new sessions, which basically means that you’re bringing people on to YouTube from the outside and YouTube loves that. No idea why I just did this, but it felt right.

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LastPass is next on the list. Let’s say that you have a family member or a friend that is gonna watch your YouTube channel for you and publish videos
while you’re on vacation or something like that or let’s say that you have someone that’s gonna be helping you on your channel just doing anything. Chrome Extensions for YouTubers and from my opinion that should use by everyone

With LastPass, it actually encrypts your passwords and it allows you to share your password without having to actually share your password. It’s kinda like magic a little bit.

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Next up is FireShot, it’s quick, it’s easy, it lets you take a screenshot of whatever it is that you are seeing on your screen. It’s actually better than that.

You can take a screenshot of the entire page, even the parts that you’re not seeing,
you can take a picture of what it is that you are seeing or you can just highlight a particular area of the screen and you can just screenshot that.

Which is great if you wanna take a little snippet of something but you don’t really need the entire page.

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Next on the list is the Grammarly. Look, I’ll be honest with you, I’m not the best at grammar. Spelling sometimes, you know, I mean,

I got quick fingers on the keyboard and sometimes I make mistakes.
Grammarly helps me make sure that when I’m writing descriptions that everything is the way that it should be. When I’m writing anything online, that it’s the way that it should be.

It even works in your email. You don’t wanna look stupid because your grammar is somewhere in another dimension somewhere or because you can’t spell anything, do you? I don’t.

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9.Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere. I mention this one is a lot of videos because it’s an awesome tool. Keywords Everywhere basically give you insights into the general search volume
of a specific term or phrase that you’re trying to make your video about this is also the Chrome Extensions for YouTubers.

Using Keywords Everywhere can help you make the right content decisions which are why this one is pretty important.

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10.Page Marker

Next up is Page Marker. Page Marker, if you have ever been in one of my live streams, every Saturday at 9 a.m. eastern, by the way,
you’ll see that I use an extension to where it lets me doodle and write all over the screen, circle things, and highlight things and all that.
Page Marker is what I use for that, an awesome tool if you wanna write on your browser for any reason whatsoever.

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11. Emoji keyboard

Next up, Emoji keyboard. Now you might think, hey this one doesn’t seem like it’s that valuable, but I have a ton of people that ask me,

how to add emoji while commenting on texting with someone
Emoji keyboard will help you to interact with your text in your youtube videos because using emoji in youtube title and thumbnail makes that video more attractive for clicking someone in YouTube search and rank your videos.so this our list of best Chrome Extensions for YouTubers 2020  that will make your work easy

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