Adsense services are being temporarily delayed during the coronavirus

During this Coronavirus  (COVID-19)  pandemic most of the people applied for the Google Adsense account for their website. Adsense services are being temporarily delayed

As we know coronavirus is affecting everything and everyone whether it’s the economy whether it’s an individual’s lives and people’s health it’s a massive global issue right now. And we all facing some issues while applying for google Adsense they received mail from google and it shows Adsense services are being temporarily delayed

(Your site isn’t ready to show ads Some of our services are temporarily experiencing delays during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This means that we’re unable to review your site at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.)

it’s an obvious thing that because of this coronavirus (COVID-19) at this time most of the countries following lockdown in their country and people being self-quarantined themself to make sure they secure from that disease and same this thing is being followed by companies their employees are working from but due to lack of employes google could not handle and that’s why Google is right unable to review your site Adsense services are being temporarily delayed

Our suggestion

If you continue to apply, you are prohibited from re-applying for at least 4 weeks, possibly longer.

My advice is to forget about AdSense for the time being and focus on making your website as / original/useful as possible, re-applying when we are in better times.

Do not apply again until the worst of the epidemic is behind us and people have returned to work, it will not be reviewed at the moment. Obviously there is no set date for this.

They have not actually closed the application process, so there is nothing to stop you from applying, but chances are you will get this message back.

when the pandemic will be over then all and everything will fine and Adsense services are being temporarily delayed this would not be longer

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