Easiest way to Capture Screenshot on Samsung J7

So this is how easy and simple tips and tricks for your daily basis  here you will find the easiest way to Capture Screenshot on Samsung J7

what is a screenshot?

A screenshot referred to an exact image captured of the computer or mobile display.

it helps us for that way contains everything which was present at that time while you were capturing it
Saving screenshot is extremely helpful for many of the reasons.

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Why do we need screenshot?

Most of the time we use software and sometimes while using that we face some issues while using these issues.then for asking help the company for troubleshooting the problem we have to sand then screenshot for making them easy to understand your issue

today in this short tutorial I just want to show you how to take a print screen or Capture Screenshot on Samsung J7

it is very easy to do that just press together the Home Key and the power key at the same time

Directory for this to see the captured screenshot is Gallary>screenshot

J7 screenshot capture


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