Google Pixel 4A – Google’s another failure?

After a long delay google has launched their new smartphone Google Pixel 4A  this news coming from google that this device is not being launched in the Indian market

Indian launch would be seen in October and with the phone has been coming as the price of 349$ for the USA market that Firstly launches their  


  1. 5.8 inches OLED Display 
  2. Snapdragon 730G Chipset
  3. 6GB LPDDR4x RAM Module
  4.  128GB UFS 2.1
  5. Single 12.2 MP camera with OIS 
  6. 8 MP selfie camera with punch hole design 
  7. 3140 Mah battery 

both camera Google Pixel 4A sensors coming with the google Image processing technology similarly like other devices

means that devices also take all king of images especially night mode HDR+ and others with this it’s getting OIS EIS in both cameras


Firstly let’s talk about the current OS is our newly Android 10 and as quick the android 11 comes this device would get by some OTA updates

Google has ensured the customer that they would provide security patches every month for these pixel devices

another software advantage this has that the google image processing with this capture sharp images and night also

it also might possible that Google Pixel 4A could come to India at the time of October that would a huge delay for this smartphone

Google Pixel 4A Indian pricing 

if we saw some old track records of google that would show us that google never launch any device with an aggressive price segment.

it possible that they never analyze the market properly maybe it happens google Google make their smartphones outside India

from other companies a great example of pixel 3A that came at the price of 40.000 with snapdragon 670

Does it worth to Buy

let’s come to the processor for a while it makes a major role while capturing images because fast processor reduces the processing time for the image.

 Another down point for Google Pixel 4A it comes with a plastic back

and the same plastic frame and this many of the people claim that durability wise this phone has tons of weak points

if we saw the competition with price segment we have lot’s of devices that come with great design and build quality

  1. Oneplus Nord
  2. Redmi K20
  3. Realme x3,x3 superzoom 

even these phones come with glass design and look premium also.

design-wise this phone have missed multiple cameras it quite easy to understand that a single camera of this smartphone can click great images

nowadays a normal consumer want more cameras at their smartphone as a new trend of mobiles

mostly peoples are concerned about their new purchase what’s the design of their smartphone what are the numbers do they have

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the most focus  during manufacturing terms of these smartphones are

  1. Camera
  2. software

apart from these  things this phone being from many points and this shouldn’t be have here most of the people don’t purchase mobile for these things

accordingly many of the tech geeks Google is trying to compete with Apple and that isn’t good

apple works great in their software department and design-wise apple’s smartphone great from many of time

here is the good example is in 399$ launch iPhone SE 2020 they starting their price down 50$ it’s not coincident

Although Google just can act be like Apple it couldn’t be because apple customer buy apple product for brand value and google does not have

Targeted audience

 The next  big issue with good is that they make a smartphone to see the US market

 most of the smartphones do not come to India Likewise Pixel’s 5G version

it’s a 1080p 60hz screen and I was pleasantly surprised the screen quality is great because it’s an AMOLED panel

and with the battery on the 4a now again all this is quarantine lifestyle testing so it comes with my favorite headphone jack

it simple and easy to use most of the like to have this feature at their smartphones

tell us what are your opinions in the comment section

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