Google Search Engine To Merge With YouTube

Google is trying to combine YouTube search results with google Search

We all know that we surf the YouTube app by watching playlists of videos and get our answers and entertainment by watching videos. When you search for anything on the YouTube app, obviously you get video results and you expect the same. It seems that they are planning a few things to get their online product implanted on the YouTube app.
Google is trying to their search engine to merge youtube its search engine with the YouTube app A Reddit User Notified that it did a search on the YouTube app after seeing the result, which shocked the user as the video result was good which was expected but below the video result. It sounds strange but the user has captured the screenshot which is given below

Now some questions arise here which may be some common questions!

Is there something wrong that needs to be fixed?

Will this result be available to all users?

Has it come with global updates or just for India?

In some scenarios, this idea is good because the user can easily detect both results but in some cases, people will not like this feature because it seems that the results are being shown, which may interfere like they want video result and want their answer in a video format but instead of this they are getting an interfere result maybe they don’t want to read the article.This is also my Point of view because we have google chrome for surfing internet and for solving our problem and questions

As we all know that  google search result we also found some YouTube video and it maybe possible that google can add google search results on YouTube video section. if we saw that this feature attract at least some people for them this would be worthy. so google need to take this step that they should give this in a option or in a personal choice section that help user to turn off this feature if they don’t want Google is trying to combine YouTube it might possible that this feature is being implement by users feedback!

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