Iphone SE vs Oneplus 8 comparison You need to know

iPhone SE vs OnePlus 8 Comparison Time. 2020 has been a strange year. I’m sure we can all agree that it sounds very strange on the technical front, we now have an iPhone with a flagship chip that is almost priced like the OnePlus 8. So how do these two phones stack up which you should choose that let’s find out in this complete comparison?

iPhone SE 2020 design

Let’s start comparing the two phones with each other. First, we have OnePlus 8, and the second part is the iPhone SE 2020. First sized 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm (5.45 x 2.65 x 0.29 in), it is still a small one. Transportable equipment. This means that we have a very movable device that can be easily used in one hand. And the weight of this smartphone is about 148 grams. This iPhone SE is one of the lightest phones that has come in the last few years and the way it fits into the palm iPhone SE 2020 is so slim and lightweight because the battery inside is less than half the capacity of the Oneplus 8, The battery capacity of this phone is a non-removable Li-Ion 1821 mAh battery (6.96 Wh), with fast charging 18W, 50% in 30 minutes (advertised) and Qi charging technology. In this iPhone SE vs Oneplus 8 comparison video, Everything we need to know is revealed

Oneplus 8 display and body

The 160.2 x 72.9 x 8 mm (6.31 x 2.87 x 0.31 in) and 180-gram glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5), aluminum frame OnePlus 8 has 4.7 per liter AMOLED capacitive of the smartphone’s total watt. Touchscreen, 16M colors. 6.5.5 inches, 103.6 cm2 (~ 88.7% screen-to-body ratio) 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20: 9 ratio (~ 402 PPI density) and Corning Gorilla with HDR10 + about display protection Are 5. 90Hz Refresh Rate Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, Dual Stand-by) It is bigger than iPhone SE but still has different fan bases. The larger size comes with a larger battery life and more hardware features.
In comparison, the iPhone SE is dated and well tested as the iPhone SE 2020 version, it is using the body of the iPhone 8 which was released back in 2017, and still, It wasn’t a very fresh design. Some people may love the old design, especially those who are still holding onto their old little iPhones, so even in 2020, the iPhone SE is at its top, we have IP67. There are water and dust resistance, which is to say to each other. The close phones we have tested in the past come with a one-day stream of water resistance.

Here is another disadvantage of iPhone SE it takes too much of time to charge the device

OnePlus has another trick up the sleeve, the OnePlus 8 has a warning slider on the right, but more functional, than the mute key on the left of the iPhone.

At the end of the day, both phones are well made, with the new design of the OnePlus and look much better from the front, especially one of the most compact phones from the iPhone that you can find today, Which depends on what is more important for you to decide this round

Now we used to touch on the first display and well it’s easy to see the difference here, the display on the OnePlus 8 blows the display from the iPhone, for starters it is 6.5 inches bigger than 6.5 inches, compared to IPS LCD It also has a bezel compared to its AMOLED 4.7. The way it is slimmer and of course, we have smaller punch holes on the left side upwards to increase the body ratio of the screen also holds the resolution. In what can loosely be called the HD Plus, we also get support for the HDR10 Plus, and then there are reflections, which have samples of 90 Hz and 180, respectively, which is very fast and fluid in the overall device. Big difference, so there seems to be no competition here

This is the OnePlus 8 which is rolling out to further performance. We have the best hardware that both Android and iOS have to offer the iPhone SE, the A13 Bionic comes with the same chip we’ve seen on the current iPhone 11 series But when it comes to day-to-day usage, it’s actually the OnePlus 8 that feels sleeker and snapper OnePlus, arguably the best Android skin makes it an Android vs OS logic again but the 90Hz refresh just about everything Flows very well which really sets OnePlus 8

Also, it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 again with games that support OnePlus 8 Touch response and refreshes advantages are hard to ignore, a small screen to ignore There may be something negative for me, personally I like some bezels for perfect grip for some smartphones.

A very comprehensive win with a 4300mAh hour battery in the OnePlus 8, going straight to battery life next time, it should last through a day of moderate to heavy use without any problems and when it finally runs out of juice We join this Wall Charger TT Adapter which can get 1 to 8 from 0 to 50 in 22 minutes unlike the iPhone SC 2020, it can be charged 50% in half an hour to buy an 18-watt charger separately. Have to buy from Charger is just a purchase. What’s coming on Apple to these days, Android phones worth six-seven thousand rupees are shipping with a charge of 10 watts

Anyway here the kicker of the 1821 MaH Hour battery on the iPhone is probably its weakest link, it barely lasts me through a day of light usage. Most of my days I ended up charging it again at 5 or 6 PM. These days I am flanking a wireless charging pad at my desk, almost all the time the battery life is really depressing here and the additional benefit of wireless charging may not be for the reduction in battery life


And furthering the speed of the software, I don’t really want to go into the whole iOS vs. Android battle any more than iOS SE vs. Oneplus 8. Here they each have their own pros and cons and eventually it boils down to personal preference.
However, I have to add this oxygen. The OS is probably one of my favorite custom Android skins and as I mentioned earlier this animation is fast. Fast and most of the features that OnePlus has added on top of the stock are now quite useful. IOS is not just the fact that it just works and it will continue to work for a long time for the software to arrive, it is consistent with updates that are fast and are expected to be supported over a long period of accuracy As much as I am an Android man.

These are the things that I just cannot ignore because this is one that you again want for long support and quick updates or more customization based on that based on iOS or Android for you Here before we jump into optics. Sundries Both phones have dipped the headphone jack quite interestingly, they also have similar stereo speaker configurations, both phones can actually get louder,

but I feel good in the OnePlus 8 I like Bass sound profile more as far as fingerprints. As a concern, we scan Touch ID on the iPhone SE and it works really well, but other than that it comes with one of the fastest display fingerprint scanners, it is electric and accurate to the same Which can also be called Elisa’s face. Unlock a feature that the iPhone SE lacks, but the iPhone returns correctly, the IP67 rating OnePlus has no official certificate, well now we’ve even debated whether to contact us Should be included in the category but ultimately
Wi-Fi 6 and 5G are both new technologies that won’t really see widespread use in India for at least a few years, I thought it’s better to bundle these two, wanting the same features here as for the iPhone We have neither V gene nor Wi-Fi six support but the iPhone SE 2020 is actually a dual sim device


So basically if you want a good camera with tons of features of customizations and with a huge battery for your day to day life then clearly Oneplus 8 would be my recommendation because it has batter features and also good hardware. multiple cameras are also good took some good point for Oneplus 8  and in this iPhone SE vs OnePlus 8 Comparison you will easily find your personal choice

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