iPhone vs. Android: which works batter for you


As of March 2019, the market share for the phone operating system is really only a two-horse race – iPhone and Android, with Android controlling only 75 percent of the market and iOS with only 23 percent.
Kai OS and some others such as Nokia’s OS with a negligible market share.

It’s one thing that there are Android fans and iOS fans in this world, and people don’t go the other way.

We all know people who never leave their iPhones for Samsung, and we all know people who tell you that iPhones are more and more accessible. Which operating system is good for you? This is what we will try and find out for you.

Before we go over the pros and cons of each system, let’s first take a look at the history of these two OS.

Android verse iphone

History of android

We will start with Android. The company Android Inc. was founded in 2003 by a group of people, but you know most about Andy Rubin.


This idea of android operating system came for digital cameras, not for mobile phones
But soon the creators changed their minds and announced that their technology would soon compete with Microsoft Windows Mobile. Many believed that it was not easy to acquire this company.


In fact, it has been reported that they were so broke that they could not pay for their office space and also that the founders’ closest friends did not really believe that they paid for key members of the company did. Also acquired it from Android Inc.

There was a lot of secrecy about Android and its acquisition but rumors began to emerge that Google was developing its own software for mobile phones, and we had little idea how this software would be in most of our pockets.

History of the iPhone

Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone at the Macworld conference on January 9, 2007, which received full media attention.

Steve Jobs announced that our first iPhone would be launched at the end of the year. And then on June 29, 2007, their first iPhone was released

When the iPhone came out of the Android team, they knew they had a lot of work to do.

The same year a group called the Handset Alliance arrived and made a bold statement that they would make.

The first truly open and comprehensive display for their devices was the many companies that came to manufacture their smartphones.

  • Google
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Motorola

Version of android

They were not just filled with hot air, and soon we saw a bunch of different versions of Android.

  1. Cupcake
  2. Donut
  3. Eclair
  4.  and
  5. Froyo
  6. Kit-Kat

These were the older version of android

You might be wondering why Android software is named after the things you eat, and Google later responded that it was because mobile devices running this software make life sweeter.

The first Android phone was the T-Mobile G1 or HTC Dream as it was called outside the USA. Reviews were mixed, but many said the OS had a lot of potentials.

Now for iPhone and iOS. In 2005, only and only Steve Jobs had a big job – shrinking the Mac and making the right handheld device.
In 2007, Apple announced this new phone with its operating system.

The system was previously called iPhone OS 1, and unlike Google, Apple did not go for sweet-sounding names and simply count numbers.

So far we have only mentioned phones, but as you know both operating systems run on different mobile devices.

The iPhone was previously praised as a great device and only added to the mystery of Jobs, who was like a technical god to some.

You just have to read those early reviews, praising how smooth the iPhone was, brilliant, innovative, a great tool for web surfing, nothing before.

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About price and facts

Gizmodo wrote, “I’m thumbing through my first iPhone with my first Playboy like a teenager.” It was in a league of its own. It wasn’t quite right and it lacked some features, but hey, no one was saying negative things about this device, except maybe one thing.

This fact was so expensive, coming in at a base price of $ 499. Compare this to the first Android phone, which was launched at $ 179. But the price didn’t matter much as iPhones were seen as the future of mobile devices.

This kind of story has since, but as we have seen over the years, many high-end Android phones are also very expensive now iPhone are expensive from the starting of mobile industry.

Technology promotion

They may have a lot of cash, but it does not stop people from buying iPhones. If you look at the best-selling phones of all time, you will see that it tops the early Nokia phones.

And it makes sense, you can throw them against a wall and they won’t break and the battery can last longer than any human.

That said, the third phone on the list is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and it beats any Android phone for a long time.

220 million people bought that phone, which is a huge number. The best-selling Android phone of all time is the Samsung Galaxy S4, and it has sold 80 million units so far. It ran Android 4.2.2 “Jelly Bean”.

But after that, it just below for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus which sold 70 and 65.9 million units respectively, and that was a great number not competitive as iPhone 6.

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are not far behind, while various versions of the Samsung Galaxy have also performed well.

Market share of OS in 2009

If you look at the historical market share of the operating system in 2009, Android was barely running out of blocks and iOS was on the front.

The operating system called Symbian, used by a group of large manufacturers such as Nokia was ahead of them both, but that soon changed.

Everything you are seeing in the coming years is taking a big nose and Android rocket for Microsoft Mobile. Although, we would say that iOS has seen a few small dips and grown up over the years, mostly it is quite stable.

Recently the iPhone has been in a little trouble. It may say something about its dedicated users over the years.

Market share of OS in 2013

But Android has enjoyed 80 percent market share since 2013, with little to give now and again.
There is no denying that Apple has very devoted fans, but it is impossible to say that Android is the king of the market. However, just because something sells more does mean it is better.


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