MediaTek finally Unveils Their HELIO G85 Specifications

MEDIATEK HELIO G85 with it’s all specs and features! Recently Redmi note 9 was launched and that was the first smartphone who comes with this processor.and this processor will come at the cost of 15000 to 10000 smartphones. It also might be possible that in the future that comes in under 10000 budget categories.
This processor could be called a powerful budget gaming processor because that GPU comes with this processor is slightly more interesting, and MEDIATEK specifically targeted mid-range gamers to launch this processor.

Although with this we will do a small comparison with HELIO G80 because obviously it is the successor of we have discussed that G85 is the successor of G80 but the main thing is this that this won’t come with much more major improvements if we compare this to their predecessors.

If we talk about it’s CPU their 2 cores of Cortex A75 of 2.0GHz and 6 cores of Cortex A55 it’s mean this is an Octacore CPU. This comes with 12nm technology if we loot at their it is the common technology we saw in major MEDIATEK pro soccer at least if they use 10nm it would be the far batter in my point of view

Specs g85
And the CPU is the same if we compare with HELIO G80 and if we compare this to snapdragon 720G so obviously their GPU is far batter in terms of GPU power. Snapdragon 720G comes with 2.3 GHz and yeah it comes with 8nm technology. If we compare both of this processor then we could easily see which is batter obviously Snapdragon 720G give you batter performance and features and that is why we will see a major difference between Prices also.

Now we are coming at the GPU so here we are getting Mali-G52 GPU which is a dual-core GPU and Helio G80 also comes with this GPU. Now we getting some questions regarding that CPU and the GPU are the same as both processors then what is the difference. the answer is this the GPU power of this processor is 1000 MHz

And on the G80 we got that 950 MHz it means they have boosted that GPU slightly to enhance the performance of gaming

Snapdragon and the MediaTek both are good in terms of their processor and with this MediaTek has provided their new gaming Mediatek HyperEngine Game technology.this will help you with 2 different ways


1: connectivity Enhancement

Intelligent prediction of WI-FI & LTE Concurrency triggers in just 13 ms ensuring a lag-free connection
The faster response between smartphone and cell-tower
Defer when calling in-game without leaving data connection

2:Resource Management Engine

Intelligent and dynamic management of the CPU, GPU, and memory
Ensure smooth performance in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay
Enhanced power efficiency for better battery life and longer gameplay

This processor could be supported LPDDR4X RAM and also it could support similarly UFS 2.1 in future if any company launched any smartphone with this specification you can opt that

Camera support

Brands can create a wide range of multi-camera smartphones with any mix of wide-angle, telescopic, macro and sensor size up to 16+16 MP or a large 48MP and for now, MediaTek has improved their AI (Neural processing unit)For any camera feature or to perform any other task which is related to AI in HELIO G85


BUILT-in VoW (voice wakeup) capability optimize package size and minimizes power uses of voice assistant service


A leading inertial navigation engine provides an accurate location indoors, underground, or driving through tunnels when GNSS services are unavailable.

4G connectivity

This support dual 4G Volte and LTE Cat-7

Here you will get up to 300 MBPS download speed and 100 MBPS upload speed

CPU G85 ALL specs

Wireless connectivity

It supports Bluetooth 5.0

And wi-fi 5.0

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