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Hence the hashtag Boycott China is a trending topic everywhere and it is due to many political reasons but let’s not get political here now. So recently Sonam Wangchuk chided an engineer who turned into an education reformer if you guys know 3 idiots, then obviously this film was based on him. Most of his life he made a statement on social media. In which Indians were urged to boil Chinese goods and this made headlines. You know that he also issued a second statement explaining why the Indians wanted to do this. We will know here in this article. Non-Chinese smartphone

Anyway, all the people around us must have surely thought what would happen if the Chinese goods were boycotted, as we all have smartphones and most of them are Chinese especially in India, such optional What are the options that we have in this article. Let’s have a look at the list of non-Chinese smartphone brands that we have as a non-Chinese smartphone, so do we have enough alternative options to make the shift, So let’s find out before talking about non-Chinese smartphone brands. Let’s have a look at the small smartphone brands we have in India and it doesn’t matter if smartphone brands are made in India, if it is Chinese then it will be in this list

So in this list of Chinese brands we have

  • OPPO
  • VIVO
  • IQOO

Now some of you may be surprised that Motorola is on the list but remember that Motorola was acquired by Lenovo and Lenovo is a Chinese company so Moto is also on this list so that we can now know Chinese smartphone alternative brands That we have in India.

 Let us dive into the non-Chinese smartphone brands

  • HTC
  • ASUS
  • SONY
  • LG


non-Chinese smartphone

This is the reason why we have the first South Indian tech giants Samsung I in India to say that Samsung smartphones have become so mature that in 2020 I would definitely recommend the Samsung device to anyone. Samsung has given us many features to the liking of Indians. And it’s great and especially their transition from awesome TouchWiz to a UI has really helped Samsung attract loads of attention and ever since Samsung started competing with the M series of its smartphones in the budget segment Hai, they have certainly received much attention, but not everything is perfect.

So, for example, Samsung’s M series and no series of smartphones are great, but a series lineup of mid-range smartphones certainly doesn’t grab attention like the OnePlus Oppo RALME or the IQOO series also has great features but there is still some shortage but at the end of the day Samsung is sure that there is a lot of manufacturing power and resources to compete single-handedly in any price segment and if you know the Chinese good thing would ever be boycotted So Samsung would be the obvious choice for many and I mean to say that I am an Indian Samsung would also be my first choice, if anything happens in that shot and even if people shift to Samsung, they definitely Won’t be disappointed with


non-Chinese smartphone

Now we talk about another brand, we have an American brand, which is another huge tech giants, so Apple is known for its premium products and expensive price tag, but when it comes to India, So prices are higher than any other country and due to heavy import duties, Apple is now trying to pave its way in the Indian market by manufacturing products locally and this makes older iPhones like the iPhone 10 10R definitely But the new models are still expensive compared to the so-called budget iPhone SE costs Rs 42,000. , Which is now more, people who buy iPhones will continue to buy them and there is nothing wrong in that brand’s loyalty, but if a user wants to shift to a non-Chinese smartphone, then Apple’s iPhone is certain Will not be the first choice. Good for most products, but the price is not the only way Apple can compete in this huge market, users get what they want and in our case fair pricing


non-Chinese smartphone

Next, we have ASUS and here is a Taiwanese based company. ASUS makes some really cool smartphones, but these people you know they know that they have never had great success like the lineup of smartphones in the laptop division too much. Covers, most price ranges are some really good specs and very cheap for example ASUS zenfone 5z is the cheapest Snapdragon 845 which is a good technology smartphone that you can buy now. You also have budget offers like zenfone max pro m1 and max m2 that keep dropping price but are performing really well. Now ASUS also has a very strong lineup so a phone completely dedicated to gaming rog smartphone Is the manufacturer

The strongest point of devices and ASUS smartphones is that this software is somewhat close to stock and not full of useless features like they used to be for anyone looking for an Oneplus replacement, it’s the closest Which you can get now if ASUS comes out with a new lineup of smartphones with really good hardware and clean software experience. They can make some potential buyers eagerly wait for the change


non-Chinese smartphone

Let’s move on to our other non-Chinese smartphones, we have the famous Nokia a Finnish smartphone manufacturer. These people have had a very bad time coping with the smartphone market and I think they are finally going to switch from Windows to their Android Some are catching up after. The initial few years did not find much attraction, but now they are slowly trying to get our attention with smartphones like NOKIA 5.3 and 7.2, but to be honest, to compete aggressively against the competition. No specs, but their software experience is by far the best in this list. It’s almost stock and Nokia offers new OS updates for their budget devices as well, making it ideal if you plan to use it for a very long time. Are making and as I have previously noted the only downfall with Nokia devices. Even the latest Nokia 7.2 runs on the Snapdragon 660 which is an attractive 3-year chipset and is not an ideal option in 2020. Now people really love Nokia, even if it doesn’t want an ice tea. O be on them then they definitely have to change a lot especially expect their hardware which is real quick


For the next one, I will talk about the three smartphone brands together as all these brands have faced the same fate in the Indian market.

So we have LG Sony and HTC, so these brands were at the top of the game five-six years ago, but you need to know what they have lost due to lack of innovation and stubbornness in market changes. Earned still makes smartphones, but their smartphones releasing India when compared to the competition are by no means good and the same happens with HTC, in fact, I would say that HTC’s devices will give you LG K knows it to be worse than Sony. They have one-of-a-kind decent devices like the Xperia, but they don’t sell them in India, so I’d say these three devices have a good chance of coming back to the Indian market, but providing them with the proper hardware and software and value Requires them properly but until they do it is kind of hard to convince people to switch them


We have Google Pixel running but in India, you only get Pixel 3a and in my opinion, it is just a decent smartphone with a lot of hype around the camera and personally I would not recommend it because it is Google if If you’re looking to make a switch and want a good camera, buy it or look elsewhere


Lastly, we have Panasonic, yes Panasonic and here is a Japanese brand, they have some smartphones that you know are fairly fine, but these are not really a worthy purchase and if Panasonic Have to make a breakthrough in the Indian market, they actually have to go to the drawing board and change everything literally so these are non-Chinese smartphone runs which are available in India so if you are here in this article You might have noticed that big brands like LG HTC Sony have failed to make a positive impact in this market, but they have the resources to successfully make a very good product, but they still fail to do so

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