PUBG Mobile UPDATE Cold Front Survival ‘Mode Coming

PUBG Mobile UPDATE Cold Front Survival ‘Mode Coming on April 16

pubg mobile update is rolling out for their players. Most of you guys play pubg mobile, PUBG MOBILE is one of the best battle royal Games with a huge Gaming as a community and huge player base of the game industry. we always see different updates with the form of seasons with some awesome skins and themes on it Season 12, which began in early March, is currently underway and is nowhere some leaks of the season 13 is surfing us online. it’s looking that the upcoming season is could be called Toy playground, and the name of this came from the theme of toys. There are Lego-themed colored guns and character skins like the live-action superhero television series Power Rangers.

According to YouTuber named Gaming, this new season will be called Toy Playground. All gun skins and weapon items look like toys.. most of the leaks showed us in season 13 we will get new skins emotes and new features of Gaming in pubg mobile update .and some cool things we will get too Tribal Set with a male sheep’s skull mask and a similarly themed outfit.

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for now, it is unclear how this can be obtained, Further, there seems to be a new character as well named Andy who is showcased with the tagline, we all know that as of now pubg mobile update has not confirmed any of the details for Season 13 yet but in future, they have announced that we let you inform so stay connected .and with Season 12 PUBGM brought for the 2nd Yeah Anniversary theme with the version also added an Amusement Park Mode in the Classic Erangle, an arctic Mode with new weapons, and with some other features like death Replay, and Colorblind Mode. Hopefully, season 12 will end around May 12, so we can expect that season 13 will fall around May 13

And we have another great news for Pubg mobile players that from 16 April update of pubg mobile update will rolling out for their games in that update you will get a new model for player cold front survival mode in that game mode you will get an actual chicken dinner that is one king of survival mode you have to fight to survive and you have to hunt chicken and have that in that game to improve your boost with this you have to keep away yourself get knocked out or killed due to Hypothermia. you have to keep yourself warm by Bonfire and for this, you would get all the at the ground and other places

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