Some Best Locations To Find Flare Gun and 8X Scope In Pubg Lite

Welcome friends, today we will show how to find out the flare gun location and where to find 8X in PUBG Mobile Lite.

First of all, let’s know what is a flare gun in PUBG Mobile Lite? The flare gun will give you the facility to shout for a special airdrop,

giving you more than the volume of a normal airdrop. It can be seen from anywhere on the entire map if you have a line of sight

. This shot will also be accompanied by a cool sound play that will be audible throughout the map flare gun location.

Places for good loot

When you shoot the gun you have to shoot straight in the air. We also have some FAQs such as how many flares a single map or PUBG mobile Lite shooting can have will not call in an airplane on the ground or at a lower angle,

the drop will be fired from the aircraft. The flare gun moves into your pistol slot. A flare will occur simultaneously on the map. If you get multiple flare guns, you can also carry multiple flares. However, you can only move one gun at a time to find a flare gun location.


Close to the physical state of the actual flare and since you can’t really shoot straight, it will usually land about 150 meters away from where you fired the gun. When fired there will be seen hanging in the air for a few minutes.


some best locations to find flare gun in VARENGA 

This is the most common map which to lot’s of pubg mobile players use to play a game with an adventurer start ut today you’ll know that from where you can find flare  gun in pubg mobile lite at VARENGA Map it’s recently added in with latest of pubg lite 0.17.0 version 

Flare gun Pubg mobile lite

They Are the best places in Pubg map Most of the pro Player if they won’t use a Flare Gun then they Always Jump on such places or Come here To find Flare Gun Here You can Find multiple Flares In the same time  But you can carry one Flare gun at  a time

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  • East Port

East port is where most of the player for an epic fight and for gameplay ut it has another secret is you can find a flare gun there with lots of other loot.

You can find a are gun at a picnic stop which I have marked as white spot

Once I had got 3 flares 2 in the factory and one near the Central road cable car
  1. Near Factory 
  2. Near Promontory 
  3. Central Road 
  4. East district
  • Factory

It also the place where most of the pubg players come here for a battle royal fight and here you can find much of loot. and most of the people called it a hotspot.

you can find flare gun here it is a good place for you

  • Pilot Plaza

It is a good place where most of the pubg lite player come for the good loot and for finding flare gun

where to find 8X in PUBG Mobile Lite

In pubg lite, you can find the flare gun in the warehouse many of I have been there a couple of times, but it can be anywhere at random anyway places ear warehouse.

Upon reaching the 8X scope, you can only find him in the airdrop along with the AMW sniper.

You can find a 6X scope in the village or school region and military circle

Some Best Locations To Find a Flare Gun In GOLDEN WOOD

This is the second most used map in pubg mobile lite. with the latest 0.17.0 version, Pubg Mobile Lite added tons of feature and interesting tool and one of the favorite thing is flare gun in pubg lite

Flare gun Pubg mobile lite

  • Pier 

this also the best location for those people who want to get flare guns without going in an intense fight and it has also lower risk to get killed or knocked out because not many more people come here

sometimes planes came through Pier to Perikanan. here you can get too much of loot and you also can find flare gun here.

  • Military School 

Military school is the best place for intense fighting it has lots of loot for the player and there you have too much chance to get flare gun in pubg mobile lite.

but most important thing player must know about this place is there too many players come for a good fight and action gameplay that’s why it has much more chance for you to get killed or knocked out.stay safe while playing

  • Luxury house 
  • Training center B
  • Temple 

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