Top 4 Main Types of Market Segmentation & It’s Benefits

In this article, I am going to talk about the four main types of market segmentation and the benefits of incorporating them into your marketing strategy.

A platform that makes it easy to target users through automated segmentation, to find out what the market segmentation is, be the first to know. Market segmentation is essentially the process of dividing and grouping common and common features like your users


The purpose of market segmentation is to enable brands to better target the services or content of their products so that they can reach the right users at the right place and at the right time.

Now we discuss what are the four type market segmentation
Demographic segmentation is certainly the most basic type of segmentation. Demographic segmentation divides a group or population such as variables.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Rights
  • Level of education
  • marital status
  • religion
  • the nationality

And this is usually one of the first stops when brands start fragmenting their users why
This is because demographic information is easy to measure and analyze and is effective on the flip side, which has been criticized based on ambiguities or assumptions and does not take into account the needs and desires of individual consumers.

Geographical division

Geographic segmentation is basically a group of users based on their geographic details, like demographics

When segmenting geographically, marketers should be objective and objective based on facts about the five major areas in mind
It can mean the world for example

  • Are
  • state
  • The counties
  • The cities
  • Neighborhood

An urban city because the person lives for example or not

  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Urban works
  • rural area

Climate so they live somewhere for example

  • Tropical
  • Dry
  • Light
  • Continental
  • Polar

Culture can be created or influenced by things

  • religion
  • Atmosphere
  • Agree on social norms

So this is a really big one for brands to keep in mind because it focuses on the values ​​and beliefs of the person = instead of focusing on them

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Finally, we have a language if a brand wants to expand into the global market
It is so important to consider the linguistic difference that brands and marketers need to ensure that the language in their promotions and communications is accurate and that no brand wants to experience any embarrassing translation blunders without error.


Proceed to the behavior department


Behavior segmentation is what it says on the tin, dividing users based on their behavior on the website or store
Application behavior data is collected and analyzed using Google Analytics or specifically tools
Algorithms These tools and algorithms are able to track things such as the time users spend on a website, the bounce rate of communication of a website’s online or in-store operations, whether new or returning users.

Big brands like Spotify and Netflix are at the top of their game when it comes to behavioral segmentation, with things like Spotify recommending taking Netflix’s top for daily mix or username.

When you consider, they focus on personalizing content and experiences.
Both brands’ impressive successes point to segmentation efforts and dedication to customized user experiences

Finally, we have a psychological division
Probably the most subjective and difficult one, but the most valuable psychological division focuses on the user’s psychological characteristics such as

  • the personality
  • Values
  • The behavior
  • opinion
  • Interests
  • lifestyle

Psychographic data can be collected through survey interviews or the most commonly used analytics data collected from Google

Social media where users often freely disclose personal information such as their favorite TV, their political views, or how much sour toast for breakfast, do not ignore the benefits of using psychological data in their marketing strategy.

courage Psychiatrists provide a personal form that consumers do not like and do not like, but it is not all roses because psychological information is definitely the type of segmentation and the most subjective of psychotherapy,

in particular, marketers are also difficult to gather. It is possible. Analysis. The information is interpreted correctly and for the right reasons

So let’s get back to our main points

1. Demographic segmentation

  • This data is easy to collect
  • It’s based on facts
  • it doesn’t expose the real person

2. Geographic segmentation

  • Demographic is similar to geographic information
  • Simple to collect and analyze
  • Does not give us insight into our users as individuals

3. Behavior segmentation is one of the best methods

  • To know your consumers as people
  • optimize content based on their actions and interests

4.psychographic segmentation and lets you

  • To know your users better than ever
  • Opinions of one’s values, interests, and lifestyle
  • Complete the personal experience

So you have these four top market segmentation types.

Now, these are special types of targeting types that can be used together and complement each other while gaining practical insights for more precise targeting and general targeting analysis to ensure your marketing product marketing efforts.

Help organize and deliver campaigns well for that brand, evaluating each brand type will have its advantages and drawbacks, so it is always important to respect the privacy of your users and ensure that you make the effort transparent Huh.

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