What is PPI? What PPI Means? | Pixels per inch | PPI in Displays?

guys if we compare some screens of the smartphones then we found a term that we call PPI

what is PPI?

how much it should be at least you will cover it here

The full name of PPI is Pixel Per Inch!

Today you guys would know that what is PPI Before that you must know that what is Pixel

Firstly let’s talk about the screen of any gadgets, for example, your Laptop, Mobile, desktop, and tv Etc these all screens are made by some smallest components of the screen that called Pixels
Pixels are Settled at your screen by Horizontal or verticle lines
In a single, there have Millions of Pixels in a screen

There is One pixel it is the smallest component that could display any color by itself. In a single-pixel, it has Pixels that we called sub-pixels.

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Those Sub-pixels have 3 colors of light Named as RGB

  1. RED
  2. GREEN
  3. BLUE

you Can understand that as for example you have a pixel in which it has their 3 subpixels and they are capable to show different color to your smartphone how this process works let’s understand

Understanding Subpixels work

Suppose you want to show green value on the screen, then the red and blue color will stop automatically
And if you want to show a white screen then all the pixels glow and then it gives importance to the white output for us
So basically through this color mixing technique, you see this color contrast on your screen
It is now possible to check the quality of the pixels if there are more pixels in a screen off location which gives you great screen quality
And fewer pixels means a lower-quality screen, even you will be able to see pixels

About old Screen

Most of the people noticed that in their past they use some Nokia phones  while using that phone they noticed

While using that phone they able to read the text and with that also able to see their Pixels the screen but as the comparison of New screen technology

The experience with newer technology it’s hard to notice because technology is now updated with the best user experience


Is the high density of PPI is good?

It matters when you have a big-screen smartphone with a pixel density that feels great with user experience but would take more battery consumption and to resolve this issue brands would use large battery great battery backup

The disadvantage of the high density of PPI

  • It consumes more battery 
  • design become bulkier  just because of the large battery 
  • it also affects your eyes by high contrast light

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